Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back To The Fair

We went to the fair again tonight, it was my chance to get footage of me Bungee Jumping. Shawn and Darci came with us with all the kids. Almost first thing I went to the crane to take the plunge. I wanted to do it in the daylight for better pictures and video. Cameron rode up with me for the view and I jumped. I was so excited to see the pictures. I tried hard to get a good pose. When I went to the booth, they said the camera/system had malfunctioned or shut down and they didn't get a shot of me. I didn't let them get away with that. I really wanted those pictures. So they agreed to let me jump again for free to get a good picture. I am so proud of myself for standing up for myself and getting what I wanted. (Pat On The Back). So Cameron and I rode up and I took the plunge for the second time in about 10 minutes. Shawn got great footage of the event, and the pictures turned out pretty good too. Now on the sky diving.

Anyway, it was really fun to hang out with Shawn and Darci tonight. We got to see on of the world's largest Bulls. Very Large! And a dear was trying to eat my shirt in the petting zoo. Weird! As always we had a good time at the state fair for another year!

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