Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mandy Fukes' Sr. Pictures

I went on a photo shoot escapade with Mandy Fukes for her senior pictures. She is a senior at Florin High School Class of 2009. We got some great shots. Onna of course came along as my assistant. Mandy was great working with. She came across as very natural in front of the camera. One new location I went to was the Sacramento Amtrak Station. It is pretty old with some really unique backgrounds and settings. I will go back there for sure for future shoots. We also went to my gym, the Sacramento Pipe Works, It is a climbing gym, but they also have some great architecture and great windows for natural lighting.

We did have a run-in with an owl in the old pump house along the sacramento river. I didn't get a shot, it flew out the window just as I was grabbing my camera. It was beautiful though.

We wrapped up the night with a mini studio session back at the house.

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