Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Finally Taking The Plunge

We went to the California State Fair last night. It was family night so all the kids got in free and all the rides were only $1. Jada, Micah and I went with Misty and her kids and Sarah and Andy and their kids. 11 of us all together. I enjoy the fair just to walk around, people watch, eat the great or new food, look at the animals and watch my daughter gaze in wonder at it all. She got to pet the horses and cows, see the chickens and goats. I love introducing her to new things and watching her excitement. Jada loves the fair for the rides only. She gets bored to tears if we have to look at any exhibits, and can't stand to wait to get the food, it's too hot, the cows stink . . . .. . . . But she is my wife so I tag along to watch Micah as she spins around on all the rides. We usually have to take someone else with us since she doesn't like to ride alone. Noah had the duty of riding partner last night.

I did go on one ride. Something I have been wanting to do for really long time. I Bungee Jumped! It was so scary, but it happens so fast you don't have a lot of time to think. From the time I walked up to the booth, I was done in less than 5 minutes. I got a little nervous when I was in the back of the cage and and the guy opened the gate and I had to step up to the edge. I always wanted to jump backwards, but again, it all happened so fast. When I jumped or fell forward I got the "falling" feeling in my stomach, but only for a second and I hit the bottom of the bungee cord, and it was over.

I could have bought some pictures and a dvd, but Jada had my video camera so we could watch it later, but Jada is electronics impaired and we didn't git it on tape. So now I Have to do it again! to get good footage and pictures of the event.

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